Allonbay Village – ASTER



Aster reinforces the sustainable architecture criteria defined by Aqua: respect for and integration of the landscape into the project, paying particular attention to typological diversity and promoting lively communal spaces.


To avoid the risk of generating monotonous views due to the repetition of a standard block, from the beginning we worked with geometries adapted to the location and height of each tower, ensuring that no cross views in the same sector are similar, and thus playing with the surprise of visuals that never cease to amaze.


Further enhancing this respect for the views, the rear parts of the towers become small gardens that grow vertically, climbing up and down, allowing the houses behind them to enjoy an unbeatable view of the sea as a backdrop.

Status: In construction
Location: Playa de El Torres, Villajoyosa, Alicante
Households: 154
Builded surface: 11,739 sq m
Project management: ADORAS Atelier Architecture
Photography: ADORAS atelier

Panorámica de Allonbay Village Aster con vistas al mar
adorasWPadminAllonbay Village – ASTER