Local globality: universal uniqueness

At ADORAS atelier architecture we believe in unrepeatable, inclusive, and sustainable architecture. Able to achieve a universal dimension from a local vision, culturally rooted and adapted to a unique environment.

And, to make this possible, we have come together in a multidisciplinary team in which we share hopes, values, and interests: an atelier in which each person contributes a differentiating factor and where synergies drive us to make ideas grow. Until they become a reality.

Since our beginnings, we have defended a philosophy based on three fundamental pillars: mixticity, emotion, and future. Three well-defined but inseparable concepts, which we apply to urban areas. For this is where we believe that good architecture makes sense and develops its full social potential.

On the one hand, the mixticity speaks to us of the richness of diversity, as opposed to the barriers of uniformity. Cities must be heterogeneous, open, and adaptive; they must generate an inclusive space that welcomes us in our subjectivity and allows us to find a place where we can fulfill ourselves.

After all, we are part of a rational process with a deeply emotional outcome. Because the emotion, in our conception of architecture, is its iconic capacity to form part of our identity, as people and as a city.

Creating tangible references that identify us is a commitment to a cohesive society, and doing so through sustainability is a guarantee of viability. That is why, every day, we work in plurality with a common goal: to transcend the present to project the future.

Jesús Gallego

Jesús Gallego Founding CEO. Architect

Architect by ETSAG-UAH (Madrid - 2011). He worked with Goring&Stratja (Milan - 2010) and the architect "Pritzker" Christian de Portzamparc (Paris - 2012) where he discovered and enjoyed the methodology of "Architecture Workshop" that are at the origin of the birth of ADORAS atelier architecture in 2015, in a context of economic recovery and deep need for reinvention. Since then he runs the workshop under three simple principles: emotion, mixticity and future.

Luís Ceñal

Luís Ceñal Chief of department. Architect

Graduated in Architecture from the University of Architecture of Alcalá de Henares and currently studying a PDD for executives at IESE. He developed professionally as an architect in London in studios such as Belsize Architects (RIBA Awards Winners) and BPTW where he worked as project manager of residential complexes of more than 350 homes. At ADORAS, he has been a department director since 2019, where he brings international experience with Anglo-Saxon design and processes.

Janina Delgado

Janina Delgado CMO & Business Development

Graduated in Communication Sciences at the UAB and specialized in Corporate Communication at the UOC, she completed her training with a Master in International Marketing at Global Business School. This training, together with her studies at La Sapienza Università di Roma, gave her a solid and multicultural expertise in strategic communication and marketing. After 7 years working for several companies implementing effective marketing and communication strategies, she joins ADORAS in 2023 as Chief Marketing Officer and Business Developer to contribute to the growth and success of the studio and lead the communication and marketing department.

Tomás Belando

Tomás Belando Project Coordinator. Architect

Graduated in Architecture from the University of Alicante, he collaborated in workshops and international competitions with different European universities, as well as professional architecture studios such as Grupo Aranea. He has extensive experience as Project Manager in the development of luxury housing and equipment projects. Since 2017 he is part of the team of ADORAS atelier architecture, where he works as Coordinator and Head of residential projects in different fields BTS, BTR and rehabilitation projects in all its development phases, from the design stages to its execution.

Ana Belén García

Ana Belén García Office Manager. Architect

Graduated in Fundamentals of Architecture at the University of Alicante in 2019 and Master in Architecture in 2022. She has developed her professional experience in ADORAS atelier architecture. Since 2018 she is part of the team as a trainee architect and, today, she works as an Architect and collaborates in the development of landscaping projects and works in the implementation of BREEAM sustainable construction certifications. She also works as Office Manager and is in charge of human resources, management and document control of active projects, public-private tenders, minor works contracts and Project Manager in refurbishment projects.

Carlos Pueyo

Carlos Pueyo Project manager. Architect

His restlessness and desire to learn has also led him to train as a Technical Architect and Engineer at the University of Navarra.  Master in Project Management from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Throughout his professional career, he has planned and organised multidisciplinary teams in the different project phases. Tireless researcher, passionate about innovation and continuous improvement. He has extensive experience in product development in industrialised architecture. He is part of ADORAS as project manager.

Elena Miracosta

Elena Miracosta Landscape Director. Architect

Francisco Marco

Francisco Marco BIM Manager

Degree in Architecture from the University of Alicante and Master BIM Management Steerling from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He has developed his professional experience in Barcelona and Alicante, performing BIM Manager functions in large-scale projects of public and private works. His knowledge of the subject has led him to be a teacher on this methodology at the college of architects and the university.

Laura Rebullida

Laura Rebullida BIM coordinator. Industrial Design Engineer

Graduated in Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Zaragoza in 2008 and Master in Product Design at the University of Design in Barcelona in 2009. She has developed her professional experience for 7 years in London, in architecture and interior design companies such as SMC Design and Ingletoon Wood. Since 2016, she is part of the ADORAS atelier architecture team as a Draughtsperson and BIM Coordinator, with experience in the development of documentation required for the different phases of a project (Basic Project, Execution and Construction) and management of BIM models in the discipline of architecture.

Carlos Beizaga

Carlos Beizaga Architect

Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid at the Polytechnic University. He specialised in Architectural Heritage Restoration. He has a great interest in traditional drawing and at the same time he is constantly training in the field of digital programming. Since 2021 he is part of ADORAS as project manager.

Mar Blázquez

Mar Blázquez Technical architect

Graduated in Architecture from Izmir Institute of Technologhy in 2020. She has developed her professional experience in several companies in Turkey as a student, working as a trainee architect. Since 2021 she is part of ADORAS atelier as a Junior Architect, supporting the different development teams from the early stages of design.

Julia Sepúlveda

Julia Sepúlveda Architect

Elías González

Elías González Project management. Architect

Senior Architect by ETSAM, studying for a Doctorate in Construction and Architectural Technologies and a Master's Degree in Building Technicians by the Technical School. Member of the Architects' Association of Madrid (COAM) for 25 years and member of the Architects' Association of the Valencian Community (COACV) for 17 years. He has developed his professional activity 10 years in Madrid in senior management positions in major national and international construction companies with large works of average budget (€25M), 5 years on Boards of Directors of private development, 7 years as Architect Director of Department of Execution of Works in national and international architectural firm with large projects and 10 years of professional activity as sole Architect Director with his own Architectural Studio. Currently, he collaborates since 2018 as Construction Manager and in the Drafting of Execution Projects in "ADORAS atelier architecture" in residential developments of medium budget (10M€) and rehabilitation in the Valencian Community.

Laura Mayoral

Laura Mayoral Architect

Architect by the University of Alcalá de Henares. During her training she took the opportunity to study in Germany, where she learned new forms of architecture that allowed her to work in international studios. Interested in urban planning and project development, she is now part of the ADORAS atelier arquitectura team as a junior architect.

Miguel Iniesta

Miguel Iniesta 3D visualization expert. Architect

Graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. Since 2017, he has been working in the architectural visualisation field, collaborating and learning from studios such as Agraph with a great professional career. Since 2019 he is part of the ADORAS team working in architectural visualization and project design support.

Elena Ibáñez

Elena Ibáñez Architect

Mariana Quintero

Mariana Quintero Architect

Guillermo Megías

Guillermo Megías Communication and marketing

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and specialised in Communication and Creative Industries at the University of Alicante. His professional career has allowed him to work in different working groups and entrepreneurship projects. Since 2020, he has been head of communication at ADORAS, where he has been setting the strategic lines in terms of communication and coordinating different work teams. She also works in web analytics, graphic design, photography and social networks.

Rosario Sánchez

Rosario Sánchez Audiovisual and graphic design

Graduated in Camera and Digital Post-production at the Escuela de Arte de Granada and specialised in Creative Direction. She has participated in various cultural projects as a freelance. Her professional career has allowed her to work in different interdisciplinary work groups, adapting to new situations, cultures and work methodologies. Since 2021, she has been part of the ADORAS atelier as a creative, working in graphic design, photography and social networks.

David Amador

David Amador Financial department

Jordi Antón García

Jordi Antón García Financial department

José Miguel Gallego

José Miguel Gallego Departamento técnico. Ingeniero Civil

José Ramón Carrilero

José Ramón Carrilero Construction execution management. Architect

Joaquín Pellicer

Joaquín Pellicer Construction execution management

Tomás Guevara

Tomás Guevara Director de departamento de inversiones

Alberto Rubio

Alberto Rubio Departamento técnico. Arquitecto técnico

Alejandro Pereira

Alejandro Pereira Subdirector de departamento de inversiones

Isabel Soriano

Isabel Soriano Sales and marketing coordinator

Mario Muñoz

Mario Muñoz Commercial department

Natalia Quirosova

Natalia Quirosova Commercial department

Rosa Gallego

Rosa Gallego Commercial department

María Jesús Martínez

María Jesús Martínez Administración & RR.PP.

Luisa Bellido

Luisa Bellido Administration

Gema Herreros

Gema Herreros Administration

The atelier: ideas over processes

A workplace where the work makes the place. A meeting point or a meeting and that’s it. A place to interact and exchange knowledge, imagining an ideal world, without forgetting the real one. With the conviction that, individually, we can create wonderful things, but collectively, we can make them happen.

The atelier is a physical place, but also a mental process. It is a matter of weaving the thoughts of one and others into a solid fabric, capable of sustaining them and giving them corporeality. For this, balance is essential. Every idea is weighed and valued, never discarded. On the contrary, it is preserved and may even be the start of something bigger.

Sharing space and ideas has led us to create a portfolio of projects that is as diverse as it is coherent when viewed as a whole. Together, we have learned that divergent paths eventually converge, even if it is beyond a horizon we cannot see.

A horizon that we look at every day from a multitude of perspectives; hundreds of images and personal impressions that, when put together, make up the great panorama that gives meaning to our architecture.