Located next to the wonderful Arenal beach and in the historic center of Calpe, ISEA is a residential development that combines the optimization of space and function to find its best version. Two compact prisms oriented towards the best views of the sea and intertwined by a concrete vertebra. This vertebra protects them from the sun while making them passable or “enjoyable” all around their perimeter. This creates its unique identity: sea waves enveloping the building.


Sinuous curves run along the façade; balconies that point towards the sea, opening up the interior to the expanse of the Mediterranean; living rooms transformed into a large terrace, thanks to the superimposition of the windows with the railings; and functional and well-used interiors.


At nightfall, the carefully chosen lighting and vegetation in the communal areas of the residential development invite us to take a relaxing dip in the drop-shaped swimming pool.

State: Finished 2019
Location: Av. Valencia 18, Calpe, Alicante
Households: 42
Builded surface: 6,832 sq m
Project management: Adoras Atelier Architecture + Quadratia
Budget > 3.3 Mill. €
Photographer: David Frutos

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